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One of Bangkok’s leading accounting companies, and with over 10 years experience helping a wide range of organizations, B-Accounting always endeavors to provide customized and professional accounting solutions that meet the exact requirements of clients. Friendly, enthusiastic and flexible, we pride ourselves on efficient communication and timely responses, and, with controlled overheads and cost-efficient management systems, we are able to offer accounting services at very affordable prices.

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Our Services

As a one-stop professional services provider we offer the full gambit of accounting services, embracing Statutory Auditing, Outsourced Administrative Management, Payroll Outsourcing, Accounting Outsourcing, Advisory Consulting and Paralegal Services.

We always ensure that our wide array of services comply with the regulatory framework put in place by the Thai government and we deliver high-end accountant services that enable you to save time, money and effort.

Why Us?

As a premier accountancy company in Thailand, and with offices conveniently located in downtown Bangkok, B-Accounting combines expertise, experience and energy in providing close personal and professional attention for every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on:

Fast & Efficient Communication: We respond to all enquiries and issues clearly in concise language with minimal turnaround time required.
Modern Technology: Our solutions integrate the latest advances in automation and software for the most productive results.
International Experience: We can customize our services to suit any market to comply with US, European and Thai requirements as needed.
Well Established, Experienced Team: We have over ten years’ experience providing consistently exceptional service to clients from all over the world.
Comprehensive Reporting: B-Accounting offers top quality reporting with analysis of P&L, assets, and liabilities monthly as well as annually.

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Our process

B-accounting operates a meticulous 4-stage process ensuring accuracy and timeliness whilst providing expert advice for quality decision making.

Thai taxation

As with many countries, Thailand’s taxation laws include some unique features and require specialist knowledge. Our staff at B-accounting includes fully qualified CPA Thai accountants that possess the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to help you through the complexities of Thailand’s rules and regulations, covering Corporate income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Withholding Taxes and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Our latest news

We are passionate about ensuring we are fully conversant with the latest accounting and taxation requirements in Thailand and elsewhere. Here you will find articles, advice and other items of interest - call back regularly to find the latest news!.

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